Our Repertoir

Programs of The Choir of Soloists


"New Folk Wave" (Belarusian folk songs in the adaptation by modern composers)

"Belarusian Chants and Psalms"

"Belarusian Spiritual Hymns"

“Classical-romantic Belarusian Spiritual Music” (Nesvizh Mass, III Ostrobramskaya litania S.Monyushko)

“Modern Belarusian Sacred Music” (V. Kuznetsov, A. Litvinovsky, L. Shleg, A. Bondarenko, etc.)

"East Slavic Choral Baroque" (N. Diletsky, V. Titov, N. Kalashnikov, etc.)

“Liturgical music of Eastern Slavic composers” (N.Kulikovich, A.Arkhangelsky, S.Rachmaninoff)

“Choral Music by Belarusian Composers with the Lyrics by Russian poets” (Muz Y. Semenyako, I. Luchenk, V. Olovnikov, A. Mdivani V. Mulyavin, N. Ravensky, S. Rak-Mikhailovsky on the words of A. Bachila, M. Bogdanovich, K Buylo, Y. Kupaly, Y. Kolos, A. Staver)

Within the framework of cultural exchange activities, the programs defined by the participant conductors are prepared and performed together with other choirs, orchestras, and conductors.

Galina Tsmyg organizes workshops for choir conductors with the performing help of Cantus Alba Rutheniae. The topics of the workshops are determined by the technologies underlying the interpretations of a high level of authenticity in the performance of masterpieces of Eastern European choral literature (S. Rachmaninoff, P. Tchaikovsky, A. Arkhangelsky, P. Chesnokov, N. Diletsky, V. Titov, G. Sviridov, V. Gavrilin, etc.)


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